Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the dress and a final review

As most of you know I've been working my way through the sewing with knits class of craftsy.  Well here is the final garment and my final review.  I've been having a few sizing issues with this class so I decided to make a large since that worked best for my tee despite the fact that my measurements suggest that a medium would work.  Honestly, I really don't care what size I have to cut in a given pattern I just loathe wasting time and fabric.  For this course I could wear a medium in the hoodie but a large in the tee and dress.  This is not super shocking considering that the medium hoodie pieces are wider then the large tee pieces.  I guess it is supposed to be more over sized them my version. 

Here is my dress.
Its made out of some super cheap gray baby rib knit that I picked up at Hancock fabric a while back.  I'm thinking about dying it but haven't decided yet. 
Forgive the silly picture but my husband thought it would be funny to include our lovely recycling bin since we do photos at such fancy locations.

Here we are mid pose.  Just had to show this one.

Now about the dress.  Its really comfy but I can't quite decide about the style some of the pictures were really bad.  I also have to put a tank under it because it is so low cut.  I liked the construction process though including all the use of clear elastic.  I've shied away from that stuff for years but it turns out I like it and its super useful.

Finally, do I recommend the class.  Um mostly.  I feel like I picked up some great tips for sewing with knits on my regular machine including using some products I hadn't thought to use or didn't know about prior.  The sizing is a little frustrating to me at least the hoodie fit in the size I measured, the dress and tee fit in a size up from my chest measurement, the shorts were a poor fit all around.  Now mind you part of the shorts was my fault because the knit I used was not very stretchy but for me the rise was way to low and the pockets pulled horribly despite the waist band being the right size.  I'm not even going to try to get this one to work since I have the Jalie yoga pants pattern that fits like a dream.  So what I will say in closing is if you can get it on sale like I did its probably worth the money but I would not buy it if it were not on sale.  I would also suggest measuring the pattern pieces and or comparing them to something that you know fits. 

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  1. Love your dress.. Great job. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion on the class.