Friday, January 18, 2013

What Else I've been up to.

Hi lades, no sewing in this post though I promise there are 2 garments sitting in the sewing room waiting for the very last finishing touches.  I also realize that lately I've been saying that I've been busy with other things a good bit without telling you what those things are.  In some ways I'm never sure how much to share here.  I mean this started out as my sewing blog and I do post pictures and such for friends and family over on my old blog but I think this post belongs here.  That said if you just like to pop in and see cute kids clothes feel free to skip it as I won't mind.

So the big news is I'm officially a certified group fitness instructor.  I took my AFAA exam back in Dec and got the notification that I had passed in Jan.  Now I'm working on becoming a step instructor and will have to try out at my local Y in the next few weeks.  So its still an ongoing process and one that if I'm being honest has been longer, harder, and more time consuming then I thought it would be.  It has also been rewarding and I'm super excited about being able to teach classes and share my love of group fitness in the future.  Well excited and scarred as they say in Into the Woods. 

I'll still be sewing and blogging but my free time is limited so I may post about other things some too.


  1. Congradulations.. Know you will enjoy teaching the classes.. Have fun.

  2. hey, good for not know where you find the
    time........but this is something just for you and that is good. hey also we all get grey sometime or other....i choose to blond highlite mine, but that is just my idea.................xxoo

  3. Congratulations! Keep us further posted.