Saturday, February 2, 2013

a tiny B-day gift

Here's what happened.  Emily has a little friend C who just turned 5 today.  C has a great mom who likes for people to bring items for the food bank instead of gifts.  I totally get this really I do its a great way to teach children about charity and a great way to keep your house from getting filled to the gills with useless plastic crap and glitter lip gloss.  I really planned to just bring some lovely instant scalloped potatoes but then yesterday I remembered how C had asked me to make some clothes for her doll months ago and the tiny gift idea was born.  I mean Barbie clothes are incredibly tiny after all.  You're following my logic right?  That said being tiny also makes them really hard to sew and since these were for a 5 year old I did not want to make anything with lots of little darts and itty bitty sleeves.  I also didn't want to make something super skimpy so here is what we  have.
The top is from this tutorial.  Its not written for a Barbie but it was fairly easy to adapt.  In addition to making it much smaller I added Velcro to the back so that it would be easier to get her arms into those narrow little arm holes.  I should remember this one.  Emily has been asking for more dresses for the Lala's and they have huge heads with tiny bodies so this would work.
The skirt is from this tutorial over on craftynessisnot optional.  She did some really cute fabric combos but I kept it basic.  Neither piece is perfect but hopefully C will like them.  I also had Emily draw her a pretty picture. 
I know I probably shouldn't have made anything since I wasn't supposed to bring a gift but I just couldn't quite help myself.  I really wanted to make a dress for C so in comparison this is much smaller and was made from scraps and free tutorials so it was practically free.

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  1. So sweet and I know C will be thrilled to get a "tiny gift"..
    the little outfit turned out soooo cute.. Your a very nice person..