Friday, March 1, 2013

a little needful sewing

I know I've declared this to be the year that I sew whatever I want and believe me I'm working on that but this post is more about sewing something that was needed in my household.  It was time to make Emily some more undies.  I know that you can buy them but she doesn't like the leg elastic and truthfully I don't like the quality of the cheap ones I've looked at and can't bring myself to order the Hanna Anderson ones when I can make ones that are just as nice out of scrap fabric.  Plus my knit scraps were starting to take over a closet.  I worked on these a bit at a time and took pictures each time I finished a few and handed them off to the little one.
This is the first pair I finished and the only pair I used my coverstitch machine on.  The two of us are still bonding I guess.  When it works well I love it but when it decides to eat my projects I want to throw the thing out a window.  I went through this with my serger as well so I'm confident that we will get there but we are not there yet.
All of these are made from the That Darn Kat pattern and they are all a size 6 with slightly tighter binding.  I think I took less then an inch off of each measurement.  I just like to cut round numbers on my big mat.
As you can tell I also decided to just you white thread for everything.  I have a lot of white thread and didn't want to bother with changing my thread and bobbin to match each pair.
These are made from a variety of knit fabrics.  The leg binding has to be cotton lycra but the rest can also be jersey or rib knit.  I have to say though I prefer cotton lycra for all the pieces so if your buying fabric just for undies keep that in mind.
Right now it bugs me a little that the binding doesn't match on some of these but it doesn't bother Emily at all.  I will probably make some more in this size in a bit but we are good for the moment and she loves them all.  Next up is a cool Vogue shirt for me.  Its all sewed up I just need to clip the strings and wash off the markings.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic collection! I love the fabrics too. How long does it take for a pair?

  2. Thanks. I'm not entirely sure how long it would take to do one pair start to finish. I tend to do them in batches. If the pieces are all cut I can sew and bind 3 or 4 in an hour.

  3. Adorable...They look really comfortable too.. Know Emily is prouf of her Mama...