Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunnies and Chicks

Last weekend the boys went out of town for Elijah's 10th birthday.  That's hard to believe but he really is that big.  Emily and I stayed here and had a girls weekend.  It was yet another exhausting weekend mostly because I made way too many plans so we were going here and there for three days straight.  We had fun though and one of those plans was a mini photo shoot with our favorite photographer.  It was a 10 minute session with bunnies and chicks plus a certain smart mama scheduled us last so she got to play with the chicks a little bit after the shoot before we went to find the new cupcake place.
I usually make her clothes for photo shoots and this time was no exception.  The skirt is the circle skirt from the Favorite Things Little Hip Skirt pattern and the top is the Oliver and S Classic Picnic Blouse.  Now if your saying, "I'm sure she didn't have the Classic Picnic pattern at the beginning of the year,"  you would be correct.  Let's just say I'm enjoying the freedom to buy patterns.  I actually bought it for the shorts pattern but the blouse seemed super cute for this time of year.
The skirt was incredibly easy to make and I'm sure I could have used a tutorial the accomplish the same thing but it turned out supper cute and it was nice to not have to measure her and do the math.  I actually got it in a flat rate box at some point so I'm not sure that I would have purchased it but I do think its a nice little pattern.  It goes up to a girls size 14 which is something I'm starting to really appreciate as Emily is getting bigger.  I made a size 5 for her and it fits very well.  It also has three different skirts.  A circle skirt, a pleated skirt, and an aline skirt are all included something that is becoming unheard of as more and more independent designers sell patterns where very slight changes are sold as a different pattern.  I made two changes to this pattern.  I cut the skirt in one pieces instead of 4 gores since my overlay was sheer and I left off the sash since Emily does not tuck in shirts.
This little top took a bit more time to sew but like all Oliver and S patterns the directions were precise making it a relaxing project.  I followed the pattern for a size 5 exactly and it fits her well though she has a touch of trouble getting her arms in so I've added a little more volume to the next one.  I think its a nice variation to your regular old peasant top.
As for fabric the pink I used for the blouse and skirt lining were part of my Christmas gift this year.  The sheer dots is something that Emily picked out at the fabric store last year.  It comes with a very similar story to the fabric for  this dress.  The main difference being that this time I also put of sewing it bc I wasn't sure what it would be like.  Thankfully it seems to be washable and at least somewhat ironable.  I did just serge around the bottom though as I didn't want to deal with hemming it and didn't think it could take the weight of contrasting bias trim.

I hope you like the pictures.  I'm almost done with her actual Easter dress so hopefully I'll have some more pictures to show soon.  I've also been super busy with this whole parenting and life thing so while I'd love for spring to arrive if it gets here too fast I might have to take Emily shopping.  I've already gotten her some cute graphic tees though.  She is getting older and likes shirts with cute pictures so I think I'll focus more on skirts, shorts, and capri pants for the start of spring.  Hopefully some cute stuff for me as well.

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