Saturday, March 9, 2013


This is my wearable muslin of Vogue 8817.  I'm calling this post imperfection because that is how I feel about the top.  I love the style but some of the techniques I used were not so perfect for the top and to put it nicely the shirt has its imperfections.  For that matter so do the pictures themselves.  It was cold outside and we were getting ready to go to dinner.  Not the best time to take pictures but I knew that if I didn't get them taken I wouldn't get to them any time soon.
I used two different fabrics.  One is a cream jersey with little gold birds that look a bit like the mockinjays from Hunger Games.  The other is a cream onion skin with little gold flecks.  Both are a bit too see through so I have a cream tank under.  The shirt sticks to this one a bit so I may have to figure out another option or a may just not worry about it on days when I'm not taking pictures.
I sewed this shirt on my regular machine using a narrow zig zag as was suggested in the craftsy course I took.  I also used this stitch for the top stitching.  I think this is what caused the sort of ripple effect on some of the seams and will be basting and serging on my next version.  I really like the style of this shirt with the princess seams though and plan to make a light purple one eventually.  I also like the look of the tunic version and think it would be great with leggings or skinny jeans so if not this spring then in the fall.

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