Monday, April 29, 2013

Altered for Spring

When I made Emily's SWAP back in the fall I was so sad that she was in the largest size for the Otto Muffin Tunic.  Now I realize she is also starting to out grow that particular style so I decided to modify it for spring/summer so it could get a bit more wear before going into the hand me down bag.    I also made little bike shorts to go under by shortening this pattern.  Not that you can tell in the pictures but they are there so I'm OK.
All I did was cut the long part of the double sleeve off about 2 inches from the short part and then I folded it under as a binding.  This tunic had fax double sleeves.  It looks like a puff sleeve over a long sleeve but they are really just sewn together.  Anyways now its a sweet little short sleeve tunic that will hopefully take here through the summer.
Prof that she is wearing shorts.  They were squeezed out of a scrap of cotton lycra from my stash.  If I'm being completely honest they are not a perfect match but they are awful close and allowed me to use something else up.  I think the rise on this pattern might be just a little high on her but I'm not sure if I will bother to fix it next time since she wears leggings and bike shorts forever.  I'd rather have them a little high now then a little low later.

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