Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Badminton Skort

I find myself buying patterns for all sorts of different reasons.  I tend to be inspired by pictures of things other sew-est have made.  Sometimes I see a ready to wear garment and find myself looking for a similar pattern.  Rarely, do I see that a pattern is coming out and immediately want it for my own.  That is exactly what happened with the Oliver and S Badminton Skort pattern though.  When it was first listed I just loved its scalloped little hem.  Its just the perfect mix of big girl and little girl style for Emily who currently insists on being called a medium girl.  It was one of the first patterns I bought myself in 2013.
I made a size 5 with no alterations and the fit is pretty great.  As always the directions were well done and easy to follow.  I did leave off a bit of the top stitching on the undershorts and did top stitch the scallops because I'm really hoping to not have to iron them.  I also used my blind hem foot to sew the facing to the skirt part rather then had stitching.
I picked up this fabric at an end of bolt sale a while back.  I had initially planned to make her a romper out of it last summer but she was still not really wearing anything that didn't twirl so I waited.  I'm glad that I did because it worked very well for this pattern and will match or at least go with most of her summer tops.  Its a high quality quilters cotton which seems to work well for this pattern.  I think if I were to make one out of a thicker fabric I would probably make the shorts and waistband lining out of something lighter so it didn't end up being bulky and hot.  At the moment though we will be sticking to cute prints since we have so many of those hanging out here at the house already.
This is just a pretty picture.  I almost forgot though the other big change I made was adding a cargo pocket to the side.  Did you know that you can make this has free patterns.  You have to join the free pattern club but whatever.  I used the cargo pocket from this multi pocket pattern and it was quick and easy.  Highly recommended.  One of these days I'm going to need to make the super cute cupcake pockets on something.
That's it I guess.  I absolutely love this pattern.  I already have another skort cut and plan to make the dress for Emily's preschool graduation.  Oh and on the pattern buying front Emily is begging me to buy the pinwheel tunic and slip pattern.  We will see I was going to skip both of the new ones but now I'm not so sure.


  1. Love the skort [and adding the cargo pocket is really great]. Enjoy buying the cute /sweet patterns for Emily. They only last a little while, before they don't wear these sweet clothes anymore..AT least that is what I tell myself, regarding buying patterns.ha
    I am loving the pinwheel tunic pattern. I think I will have to buy it for the grandkids.
    Happy sewing.

    1. Ps.. Just wanted to tell you thank you for posting about the free pocket patterns. I had not seen this sight before.. I went and downloaded them.. thank you so much.