Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Its no big secret around here that I've been busy with many other things this spring and not sewing nearly so much as I would like.  The good news on that front is that I have officially completed all the steps and have been hired as a step instructor.  That really just means I will be using a good bit of my free time putting together combos for my first class.  It is super exciting though.  I still had to make Emily an Easter dress though right?  OK truth be told if I hadn't made the insert and cut the fabric back in February I would have just used to cute outfit from the bunny pictures and waited another year for this one but I'm glad I didn't wait since this turned out beautifully.  I also cut the largest size in the pattern and while it will probably fit next year I'm not totally sure it would have and I am sure the bodice would be a pain to alter since it does not have side seams and the facing is built in.  Read as there are 2 seams in the entire bodice one on each side of the insert. 
This is the Heidi dress from issue 81 of Australian Smocking and Embroidery.  It was one of my few pattern purchases last year because I loved this dress.  I made a size 5 which is the largest size and while there is plenty of extra room I'm glad I didn't put it off for a year.  I followed the directions for the bodice except for leaving off the top ruffle.  I like it though it turned out a little wonky due to it being one piece.  I thought I was precise when I put in the insert but apparently not quite precise enough.  Thankfully it looks good on but if I were to make this again I would adjust this to be several pieces for easier adjustment and assembly.   I cut the skirt per the instructions and it was going to be way to short.  I also did not love the puffing insert in the fabric I was using so I ended up just using a large gathered rectangle instead.  I kept the bottom ruffle and added some pretty trim that coordinates well with the embroidery.
Here is a sort of close up of the smocking.  I added an extra row of zig zags to each side so there would be less puffing in the middle.  I also used embroidered my roses instead of using ribbon.  I think they look just as pretty and I didn't have the time or desire to track down silk ribbon.
She accessorized with a blazer from Hanna Andersson since it was chilly and raining here on Easter morning.
You may be asking yourself what type of review I'm trying to give this pattern.  Here's the deal.  I think its cute but I don't think it was well drafted and its directions were confusing and a bit of a mess.  Its not a bad pattern but it also isn't great plain and simple.  Now just for fun here is a pic of both kids.  Elijah is wearing clothes he had on hand.  I actually did buy him a new outfit but it was not warm enough to wear that one just yet.


  1. Adorable ..both dress and the 2 cute models.

  2. I think it turned out very well. I'm glad you got it done for this year. There's just something about Easter and smocking. Though I'm sad that you ended up cutting off the puffing; I love puffing. :) Now I'm curious to go look up that pattern. Is it in the same issue with the Temily?

    1. Usually I'm a huge puffing fan too sadly this fabric is a thicker woven and it just wasn't working. I thought about using the batiste from the insert but I feared that would make it hang funny. Oh well next time suppose. I'm not sure what else is in this issue. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Super cute! Congrats on the job and I'm glad you went ahead and made the dress. I love the ruffles at the bottom.
    Great Job,

  4. Wow! Beautiful smocking! I love this pattern and I love your interpretation of it! Bravo!

  5. Hey---we've missed you around PRP...so happy to see this picture pop up in the linky party. Beautiful work, as always!