Friday, April 26, 2013

Fishies and Whales Dress

I little while back I took Emily to my favorite local sewing/quilting shop and let her pick out one fabric.  She's getting a bit picky so if I'm buying anything new I like to have her along for the ride.   Shocking in a sea of lovely flowers, sweat girly prints, and even her beloved polk a dots she picked a blue sea life print with sharks, whales, octopuses, and all sorts of other fish.  Um OK so just when I think I've got the little bugger figured out she throws me a total curve ball.  Well sort of at least seeing as while I'm typing this she's insisting that a sleeveless polk a dot tunic will be fine today even though we are in the midst of a cold snap.

Seeing as this fabric was not going to coordinate with really anything else in her spring/summer wardrobe I decided it needed to be a dress.  I also wanted a simpler patter since its a pretty busy print.  I decided on the Oliver and S Croquet Dress.  It was in my stocking this Christmas and as you may or may not recall one of my goals for this year it to use all of my Oliver and S patterns.  I've used quite a few of them this spring and let me tell you that makes for some relaxing sewing.  The directions are always good, the pieces fit together, and as long as I make the elastic tighter Emily is pretty much a perfect size 5.  Her waist is a little smaller so I have to tighten the elastic.
The pattern was pretty easy to sew.  It does have a lot of pieces to keep track of and while I can be lazy about marking notches this is one of those times where they really matter.  I also cut the front tabs upside down the first time and had to recut them.  Not a big deal but with a directional print you would need to pay attention to that.
I made the casing and sash out of a grey with polk a dots fabric from my stash.  I got it to coordinate with some other fabrics.  Hopefully, I will still have enough of it whenever I get around to using those but it was perfect for this.  The pattern calls for so much of the coordinate because both the casing and the bow are cut on the bias.  I did this because I had enough fabric but truthfully if you were careful to keep on grain I think you could get buy with using less fabric and not cutting them on the bias.  I also sewed the bow tied.
My only complaint is that the dress does not button up the back.  It has a small neck slit with a single button and has to go on over her head.  This is mostly fine but it was really hard to get back on a wet shivering Emily after swim practice even though her chest is about 2 inches smaller then a size 5 calls for.  If I make it again (I so will one of these days) I will modify it so that it buttons down the back at least till the casing so she can just step in.
One last picture since I really like this one.  I've been sewing more then posting lately so hopefully I'll get a few new things up in the next little bit.

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  1. This is really cute.. I think Emily chose a really pretty print.. If I would have seen it in the store, I wouldn't have chosen it.. Shows.. Miss Emily has great taste already.. Love the pattern..
    Happy sewing.