Saturday, April 13, 2013

little smarty pants

When I started my quest to find a cute girl shorts pattern the Favorite Things Little Smarty Pants pattern came highly recommended so I decided to pick it up during a pattern shopping spree.  When I was a good bit heavier, no I do not have a picture to share, I made myself a few pairs of the grown up Smarty Pants so I already knew a bit about the pattern.  I let Emily pick the fabric which is how we ended up with pink polk a dots.  Seriously, who's shocked by that?
I made these during spring break so I decided to make the capr length.  I used the cute little waist tabs, cuffs, and side pickets from the shorts pattern though.  I also left out the pocket facing pieces since I was using the same fabric for the pocket linings.  These are a size 5/6 and I'm quite happy with the fit. 
Here you can see them all nice and ironed.  Emily also picked the big pink flower buttons for the tabs.  I do think they would hang better made out of a bottom weight fabric but its hard to find prints the little girl loves in bottom weights so sometimes I just use quilters cotton.
Here's a full on action shot.  These pants play very well.  I'm also pleased with the pattern.  The directions are pretty good, the fit is nice, and it goes all the way to a girls size 14.  I also really like that flat front with the elastic back.  Emily is still pretty little to have to fool with a button and zipper when she's in a hurry but I don't so much like the look of all around elastic on kids as the get a bit older.  That's just one of my quirks I guess.
Then she was done and ready to go in.

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  1. Such cute capris.. I love Emilys polka dot style and buttons.. Great taste.. They look really cute on her. Happy sewing.