Monday, April 8, 2013

new nightie

One great advantage to raising string beans is that they rarely need new jamies.  I mean nothing really gets tight on them you just look over one day and realize that that nightie is too short or those pants used to be full length.  As it turns out this has been happening a good bit with Emily's spring nighties and since I also have some knit fabrics in my stash that she is a bit old to wear as dresses I decided it was time for a new nightie.
I made this one using the Miss. Madeline pattern from The Handmade Dress. Some of her favorite nighties are peasant style and I had used this pattern before so I knew it would be quick and easy.  The only problem was that I forget to check for supplies before I started and didn't have the right width of elastic.  I ended up leaving the sleeves loose and shirring the neck.

Just for the sake of the flash back here she is in one of the dresses I made using this same pattern when she was tiny.  I really like it as a dress as well.  Perhaps I should add that to my never ending list of projects.


  1. I like the loose sleeves. Very nightie-ish.

  2. Adorable.. Love looking back at how much they have grown..