Friday, April 5, 2013

Outfit Completed

I cut this little skirt from the last bit of my Heather Ross Rapunzel fabric last summer but never sewed it together.  I came across it again in my sewing room a few months ago and decided I'd better get it sewn together if there was any chance of it fitting Emily.  When I got it together it fit well unfortunately she had nothing in her to wear it with so it still sat around in my sewing room.  I actually bought the Oliver and S Classic Picnic pattern for the shorts but the blouse has charmed me in the end. Here's the first one.  Its like a more tailored peasant top and I think its just perfect for a 5 year old.
 I let Emily pick the fabric for this one.  My only rule was that it had to be orange to go with the skirt fabric.  I wanted a lovely orange and white baby gingham.  She picked orange with darker orange polk a dots.  Raise your hand if your shocked.  I swear we should have named this child Dotty.  It turned out to be just perfect.
Since this was my second run at this blouse I made a few pattern alterations.  I shortened the sleeves by a few inches to make them more of longer short sleeves then 3/4 sleeves.  I liked the original style but we live in the South where it will be hot very soon.  I also added a bit of width to the gathered section.  The first shirt fits well but is a little hard for her to get on and off so adding a little extra fluff helps with that.  What can I day she is a string bean but she has some long arms.  I also played with the construction order a bit and changed a few techniques since I have a serger for seam finishing and such.  Plus I had forgotten to bring the directions with me when I snuck up to get a little extra sewing time.
As a funny side note this is the pose she strikes if she sees me taking her picture these days.