Monday, May 27, 2013

altered for summer

This spring I've been trying to work on altering some of Emily's fall and winter clothes for summer.  So far they are not getting much wear.  Probably because she is so excited to wear her news clothes but I do remain hopeful.  I also went ahead and shortened her capri pants into shorts.
She wore these to field day.  They are really cute on and I think they look better as shorts since they are out of quilters cotton.  They are made from the Little Smarty Pants Pattern.
I also shorted two pairs of leggings.

I shortened the sleeves on her book report dress and added a little tuck as well as the button from the cuff.  She hasn't worn it yet but hopefully she will. 


  1. Way to go on the useful sewing! I never seem to get around to doing those sorts of things!! Now, inquiring minds want to hear about the Joel Dewberry dress in the new banner pic....... :) Did you buy the Olivia?!

    1. The post is coming. I wrote it last night when I changed the layout. I think its scheduled for later this week. Sometimes I write a few posts at a time. Its actually the Mia top as a dress bc the top went to a size 12 and I'm all for getting as much as possible for my money.