Friday, May 24, 2013

bear skort

I'm loving the Oliver and S badminton skort this season and as Emily gets more active and a bit older the built in shorts make everyone feel better.  That said she already has two for this summer so when she saw the Berenstain Bears fabric and asked for another skort I had to mix it up just a little bit. This time I used the waist band and shorts from the badminton pattern with the skirt pieces from the Favorite Things Little Hip Skirt.  I thought I would end up having to adjust the skirt pieces a little but as it turns out in a size 5 the two patterns lined up like they were meant to go together.
I did change up the order of construction of the skirt so that I could use my rolled hem foot more easily.  I kept it as a fax button front though.  I also had to use polk a dot fabric for the shorts part since I didn't even have a full yard of the main fabric.  The little miss should have been named dotty didn't mind one little bit.
I had her tuck her shirt in for the pictures.  She's her mama's daughter though and had it out again in no time flat.
There you have it.  I've got several posts to write but its been a crazy busy week so we will see when I get them written.


  1. Cute! Skorts are so practical!

    1. Thank you. She starts school in the fall and I think they are going to be a must for a while.

  2. Love the fabric and the skort is adorable on Emily..
    ps Used some of your patterns [you gave me] , to sew for some kids who needed some clothes..
    Thank you.

    1. I'm so glad you could put them to good use. I love patterns so much that I'm not good at all about reusing them.