Wednesday, May 15, 2013

still a favorite

I'm sure all of you know this but even with sewing Emily's clothing it is hard to predict what will become a favorite and what will just hang in her closet.  It has nothing to do with how much work went into the garment, how expensive the fabric was, or really even how excited she was when first presented with said garment.  That's why I am particularly happy that the heirloom style/quality Easter dress that I made her 2 years ago is still a favorite.  In a way its almost a bad thing because she preferred it to last year's Easter dress and prefers it to this years Easter dress.  I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of her wearing it now at age 5 alongside the ones of her where it at age 3.  Its the dress from the Martha Pullen French Hand Sewing by Machine book and all of the details are in the original post.
Now for a few from when she was 3.
So as you can see the dress in considerably shorter now as are the sleeves but it still fits well.  In this era of throw away clothing its easy to forget that clothes even kids clothes used to be designed and constructed to last for years.  I do want to do some more real heirloom work in the future I love the drop waist styles that were made for slightly older girls but in the meantime I'm glad she is still a fan of this one.


  1. This is beautiful.. and looks just as cute on her today , as it did when she was 3.. Emily is so adorable..
    I made one of my granddaughters an heirloom dress.. It was a lot of sewing, but so beautiful.. Worth all the work..
    Happy sewing.

    1. So worth the work but your right about the time. What got me was how long the skirt took. I thought once I got the bodice done it would go quickly. Not so much with the full skirt.

  2. It's just lovely. And how wonderful that she still enjoys wearing it! I made my first real heirloom garment this Easter for my 9 year old. And it was a drop waist style. Great minds think alike, right?! ;)