Sunday, May 12, 2013

summer nightgown

As I'm sure you can tell I've really been using my Oliver and S patterns lately.  She is by far my favorite kids pattern designer.  Mostly because the patterns are so well drafted and the directions are well written.  I also like that they are true professionally done patterns.  I guess I'm just a snob like that but oh well I like what I like.  My goal for the year is to use every single one of my Oliver and S patterns including every garment.  For example if its a top and a skirt I have to do both the top and the skirt.  That said if its a dress with two different sleeves or a top/dress I don't have to do both unless I want to.  With that I wanted to get the top from the badminton skort  done.  The problem was that no matter how many times I looked at it all I could think was nightgown.  So I decided to make a nightgown.
I used the width of a 5 with the length and arm hole depth of a 6 to get this fit.  I also pulled the ribbon in as far as I wanted it in the casing and then sewed the bow into place.  I didn't want it coming untied and getting tangled while she was sleeping.

The fabric I used also adds to the night time/babyish look.  Its got tiny little flowers and birds.  I purchased it at an end of bolt sale planning to make a summer top but it just seemed too perfect for this project.  I used to feel like I was wasting fabric using it for nighties until I did my year end roundup this year and realized that nightgowns are some of the longest lasting and most used projects that I make.  It helps that she gets taller more then wider but she can wear most nighties for 2 years.
Here is the closest I came to getting a closeup of the front.  It is pretty with the yoke, ruffles, and drawstring but it is also flitzy to put together.  For that reason I don't think will be using this pattern again any time soon.  I'm sure I will make up for that by using the skort pattern until it falls apart though.
I'm glad I made this one though.  It has that great classic little girl feel that I'm trying to get as much of as possible while she will still wear things like this.  I know my days are numbered.

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  1. So cute... Emily looks adorable..She looks like she's enjoying her bubbles..
    I love Oliver+S patterns too.. Happy sewing.