Friday, June 28, 2013

That was EASY

Last week at the pool Emily threw one of those awful hungry tired totally out of control mama throwing things into a bag not even caring if you have everything tantrums.  The only reason I escaped with my shoes is because a friend brought them out to the parking lot for me.  Once we got home I put her down for a nap, left the kids at home with a working from home Daddy, and went shopping.  While out I got Emily one of those fold over elastic hair ties.  Honestly, I'd put it off till now bc I thought they were silly but we've been having a hard time with hair lately so I decided to buy one.  Turns out the thing works great.  Like instead of cutting out hair bows while she fusses I just take the thing out.  That said I refuse to buy more of them so I pulled out some left over bits of fold over elastic and made a few.  I just cut them about 8in long tied knots in the ends then put a bit of fray check on them.  One day I will buy some more pretty elastic and make more but for now here's what we have.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

pink vintage

You know how sometimes you see something someone else has made and just have to copy it exactly.  Not just do something similar but make the exact garment.  I don't do that often but when I saw this mixed print pink dress last year I was in love.  I already had the main fabric so I set out to find the pattern and coordinating fabric.  I ordered both last year despite my no new patterns goal but by the time I got them it was winter so they just sat around in my sewing room.  I few weeks ago I decided it was time.
Mostly I like the dress.  I didn't do as great of a job on the yoke as I could have and I think it could use a minimizer bra.  I really need one of those anyways but I don't love to wear them so well see. I've worn it twice and gotten a lot of compliments.
Don't worry I know the shoes don't go.  I've ordered a darling pair of gold sandals to wear with this and my other summer dresses.  This was also my first time making a vintage pattern for myself so I'd say all in all it went pretty well.  I may shorten it a little so the hem hits just above the knee but other then that we're good.

I'm also pleased because now I can say that I have at least used all 4 of the patterns I bought last year.

Monday, June 24, 2013

tablecloth or top?

I've been reading the blog aintnomomjeanshere a lot lately and she has the free the people lace top that I just love.  Sadly, its from last season at least and is no longer available.  Mine is hardly an exact copy but I had this old table cloth that I bought from the flea market a few years ago so I decided to give it a go with my shiny new copy of jalie 3245.  I cut the front the regular way but cut the back on a bit of an angle to add some swing to the top.  I really like it in person but I'm pretty sure its not going to hold up well.
It moves well and I love the look.  I've got some nave lace to make another one out of and if this one falls apart I may order some cream lace to make a similar one.
These pictures were taken at the end of a long day that included two swim meets one per kid and a lot of running around.
I'm also wearing me made shorts in these pictures.  They are the Kwik Sew sailor shorts that I made I think summer before last.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Seuss for summer

Another quick summer alteration.  I shortened the sleeves on her Dr Seuss tunic so she could get a bit more wear out of it.  Sadly, she is not loving bishop style dresses anymore. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bitty carrier

Emily is going through a serious little mama phase.  She got a little umbrella stroller to push Bitty or BunBun around in and wants to take it everywhere.  The problem of course is that there are plenty of places where I am not at all interested in managing a 5 year old pushing a stroller.  Honestly, anywhere away from home qualifies.  Then she started noticing our neighbor Shannon carrying her actual baby around in a front carrier and fell in love with the idea.  Good thing I bought Little Things to Sew back when it came out I guess.
I made this thing before our big trip to FL and she wore it with Bun Bun in it all the way there and back.  We did have to take it off going through security but I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to know she wasn't going to suddenly start screaming that she had dropped her most loved stuffy in the world.  Bitty also made the trip but did it in my carry on bag since Emily had to pick.
The only change that I made from the pattern was a functional one.  The pattern calls for Velcro on the sides and I replaced it with buttons bc the Velcro was coming undone causing us to drop the toy.  The buttons have worked very well.
It even works well on the monkey bars at the playground.  I've made several things from the book but let me tell you it was worth the purchase just for this pattern.

Monday, June 17, 2013

yellow flowers

Readers, when the new Jalie patterns were announced this year I was feeling pretty full of myself on a few sewing sites bc I didn't want a single one of them.  I was truly unimpressed.  I mean really they were such dull basic patterns right?  Then the reviews started popping up and well lets just say my resolve weakened.  Not for all of them mind you I mean I already have an adult blanket sleeper pattern, I have no need for skate dresses, and if I need a pull on pants pattern I'll buy one elsewhere.  The raglin/racer top pattern started taunting me though.  I was drawn to the way it skimmed more then hugged curves, the rounded hem, the wide neck, and the tunic length.  I mean all of last winter I was thinking how great it would be to have a few tunics so I could get buy with wearing leggings a bit more often.   Then I discovered ordering patterns from pattern review and the deal was done.  If you've never done this let me tell you how great it is.  You see they carry a bunch of the smaller label patterns and you can pay shipping one time to say get Jalie 3245 and I don't know say the Colette Iris shorts.

Enough with the blah blah blah.  Emily got first dibs on this one bc she needed another nightie.
This pattern has the same bottom half that fits onto two different tops.  For this one I added about 6 inches between those two pieces to make the tunic into a longish nightie.  I made a size 6 which is a bit big on her but again its a nightie.  It sewed up super fast and I may make some more.  This thing took less then a yard of fabric.
My only minder complaint is that the binding pieces are so narrow that they are a bear (or insert another b word here that I assure you is more accurate) to sew on.  I cut this a bit wider for the next one and it was much easier.
The fabric is a large scale flower knit that I got in a mystery box.  Its cute but I really need to remember that I don't like mystery boxes.  Its not that I don't always get nice things bc I do but I'm so picky about my fabrics that I'm always a touch disappointed when the initial surprise wears off.

Hope you like the nightie.  This pattern has already been remade twice (photos to come) and its not even September yet.   I'm also totally itching to buy this pattern from the new collection.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Would Remake it Month Look Like?

Hi all,
I just got back from a trip to see my family.  It was great but we are all wiped out.  Since my last post I've been pondering what a remake it month would look like for me.  Would I rather tackle projects that didn't go well the first time or those that did?  Even more then that which projects am I most interested in making again?  Those from a long time back or just last month?  Here are some of my ideas thus far.

The Jalie twist top.  I've made two both well before I started this blog.
This was the first.  I tried to do the tie back and when that didn't work I just left it open.  Its also a little snug in the back for my likings.  I've retraced the pattern 2 sizes up since Jalie patterns tend to have a lot of negative ease and made a truly not wearable muslin.  I would love to get some pretty 4 way stretch fabric and make at least one of these.

I bought my first ever Ottobre mostly for this pattern.  Technically, she has outgrown the size range but it ran so wide I think I could make it work with added length.  I also think my construction skills have improved drastically since I made this one.
Hammer pants.  I only wore these once or twice bc ITY is not breathable and I made them for yoga.  I'd love to make a black, gray, or navy bamboo pair.  I think those would get a lot of wear.  I really like this style for things like that much more then skin tight leggings.

I love this Onion dress but I'm always scared that I will pop the stitching putting it on.  Let's just say I've learned a lot more sewing with knits tricks in the past few years.  I'd like to make it out of bamboo as well and probably only knee length.  Maxi dresses are pretty hot around these parts and not always in the good way.
Last but not least the skirt that inspired the idea.  I need this skirt in dark denim.

So what do you think.  I'm leaning towards September as remake it month.  Would anyone be interested in playing along?  I sure am ready.  This really just scratches the surface when it comes to patterns that I'd like to do.  I'm also working on figuring out what fabrics and design elements cause me to wear certain pieces.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pocket Skirt

One of my goals last year was to buy no new patterns.  I ended up buying 4 which for me was pretty dang good.  I had hoped that this would lead to developing some tried and tested patterns.  Sadly it did not.  I made quite a few things some good some not so good.  I also participated in quite a few Sew Weekly Challenges which were fun but did not lead to many wardrobe staples.  I'm feeling good about this skirt though.
This is the skirt from Vogue 1247 with some pretty major fit changes.  I also purchased the Sew The Perfect Fit class from Craftsy and was so excited after watching the videos that I had to try out her techniques before the dress pattern came in the mail.  I ended up making 2 muslins and adding a good but to the 16 in order to make it hit below my natural waist.  I also added a bit of length.  I'm loving it now though. 
Technically this one is a wearable muslin made out of some fabric from the sale table a good while ago.  I would like to make a denim one.  I'm starting to think that I need to declare a month make it again month because there are so many patterns I would like to revisit but haven't.  What do ya'll think would you be up to the challenge?