Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bitty carrier

Emily is going through a serious little mama phase.  She got a little umbrella stroller to push Bitty or BunBun around in and wants to take it everywhere.  The problem of course is that there are plenty of places where I am not at all interested in managing a 5 year old pushing a stroller.  Honestly, anywhere away from home qualifies.  Then she started noticing our neighbor Shannon carrying her actual baby around in a front carrier and fell in love with the idea.  Good thing I bought Little Things to Sew back when it came out I guess.
I made this thing before our big trip to FL and she wore it with Bun Bun in it all the way there and back.  We did have to take it off going through security but I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to know she wasn't going to suddenly start screaming that she had dropped her most loved stuffy in the world.  Bitty also made the trip but did it in my carry on bag since Emily had to pick.
The only change that I made from the pattern was a functional one.  The pattern calls for Velcro on the sides and I replaced it with buttons bc the Velcro was coming undone causing us to drop the toy.  The buttons have worked very well.
It even works well on the monkey bars at the playground.  I've made several things from the book but let me tell you it was worth the purchase just for this pattern.


  1. The SAME thing happened to me with the velcro. I'm sorry to say I haven't gotten around to replacing it, yet.... :(

    But I LOVE that book.

  2. Tying the straps in front worked for us as well but the buttons help so much. Go break out your stitch ripper girl.

  3. So cute! I want to make one of these for my little girl too :)
    Heidi @