Thursday, June 27, 2013

pink vintage

You know how sometimes you see something someone else has made and just have to copy it exactly.  Not just do something similar but make the exact garment.  I don't do that often but when I saw this mixed print pink dress last year I was in love.  I already had the main fabric so I set out to find the pattern and coordinating fabric.  I ordered both last year despite my no new patterns goal but by the time I got them it was winter so they just sat around in my sewing room.  I few weeks ago I decided it was time.
Mostly I like the dress.  I didn't do as great of a job on the yoke as I could have and I think it could use a minimizer bra.  I really need one of those anyways but I don't love to wear them so well see. I've worn it twice and gotten a lot of compliments.
Don't worry I know the shoes don't go.  I've ordered a darling pair of gold sandals to wear with this and my other summer dresses.  This was also my first time making a vintage pattern for myself so I'd say all in all it went pretty well.  I may shorten it a little so the hem hits just above the knee but other then that we're good.

I'm also pleased because now I can say that I have at least used all 4 of the patterns I bought last year.


  1. This dress is really cute.. What pattern is it?
    Happy sewing.

  2. Its simplicity 7341 from the 70s. It pops up on Etsy fairly often though. I bought it based on my high bust measurement and it worked without alterations.