Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pocket Skirt

One of my goals last year was to buy no new patterns.  I ended up buying 4 which for me was pretty dang good.  I had hoped that this would lead to developing some tried and tested patterns.  Sadly it did not.  I made quite a few things some good some not so good.  I also participated in quite a few Sew Weekly Challenges which were fun but did not lead to many wardrobe staples.  I'm feeling good about this skirt though.
This is the skirt from Vogue 1247 with some pretty major fit changes.  I also purchased the Sew The Perfect Fit class from Craftsy and was so excited after watching the videos that I had to try out her techniques before the dress pattern came in the mail.  I ended up making 2 muslins and adding a good but to the 16 in order to make it hit below my natural waist.  I also added a bit of length.  I'm loving it now though. 
Technically this one is a wearable muslin made out of some fabric from the sale table a good while ago.  I would like to make a denim one.  I'm starting to think that I need to declare a month make it again month because there are so many patterns I would like to revisit but haven't.  What do ya'll think would you be up to the challenge?


  1. Wait, what?! YOU'RE challenging US?! ;)

    1. Perhaps, I was thinking of doing a theme month. Not that anyone would have to play along though. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who doesn't reuse as much as she plans too.

  2. Great idea.. I have several patterns I would like to make again, and just haven't done it.. COunt me in.