Monday, June 24, 2013

tablecloth or top?

I've been reading the blog aintnomomjeanshere a lot lately and she has the free the people lace top that I just love.  Sadly, its from last season at least and is no longer available.  Mine is hardly an exact copy but I had this old table cloth that I bought from the flea market a few years ago so I decided to give it a go with my shiny new copy of jalie 3245.  I cut the front the regular way but cut the back on a bit of an angle to add some swing to the top.  I really like it in person but I'm pretty sure its not going to hold up well.
It moves well and I love the look.  I've got some nave lace to make another one out of and if this one falls apart I may order some cream lace to make a similar one.
These pictures were taken at the end of a long day that included two swim meets one per kid and a lot of running around.
I'm also wearing me made shorts in these pictures.  They are the Kwik Sew sailor shorts that I made I think summer before last.