Friday, June 28, 2013

That was EASY

Last week at the pool Emily threw one of those awful hungry tired totally out of control mama throwing things into a bag not even caring if you have everything tantrums.  The only reason I escaped with my shoes is because a friend brought them out to the parking lot for me.  Once we got home I put her down for a nap, left the kids at home with a working from home Daddy, and went shopping.  While out I got Emily one of those fold over elastic hair ties.  Honestly, I'd put it off till now bc I thought they were silly but we've been having a hard time with hair lately so I decided to buy one.  Turns out the thing works great.  Like instead of cutting out hair bows while she fusses I just take the thing out.  That said I refuse to buy more of them so I pulled out some left over bits of fold over elastic and made a few.  I just cut them about 8in long tied knots in the ends then put a bit of fray check on them.  One day I will buy some more pretty elastic and make more but for now here's what we have.

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