Monday, June 17, 2013

yellow flowers

Readers, when the new Jalie patterns were announced this year I was feeling pretty full of myself on a few sewing sites bc I didn't want a single one of them.  I was truly unimpressed.  I mean really they were such dull basic patterns right?  Then the reviews started popping up and well lets just say my resolve weakened.  Not for all of them mind you I mean I already have an adult blanket sleeper pattern, I have no need for skate dresses, and if I need a pull on pants pattern I'll buy one elsewhere.  The raglin/racer top pattern started taunting me though.  I was drawn to the way it skimmed more then hugged curves, the rounded hem, the wide neck, and the tunic length.  I mean all of last winter I was thinking how great it would be to have a few tunics so I could get buy with wearing leggings a bit more often.   Then I discovered ordering patterns from pattern review and the deal was done.  If you've never done this let me tell you how great it is.  You see they carry a bunch of the smaller label patterns and you can pay shipping one time to say get Jalie 3245 and I don't know say the Colette Iris shorts.

Enough with the blah blah blah.  Emily got first dibs on this one bc she needed another nightie.
This pattern has the same bottom half that fits onto two different tops.  For this one I added about 6 inches between those two pieces to make the tunic into a longish nightie.  I made a size 6 which is a bit big on her but again its a nightie.  It sewed up super fast and I may make some more.  This thing took less then a yard of fabric.
My only minder complaint is that the binding pieces are so narrow that they are a bear (or insert another b word here that I assure you is more accurate) to sew on.  I cut this a bit wider for the next one and it was much easier.
The fabric is a large scale flower knit that I got in a mystery box.  Its cute but I really need to remember that I don't like mystery boxes.  Its not that I don't always get nice things bc I do but I'm so picky about my fabrics that I'm always a touch disappointed when the initial surprise wears off.

Hope you like the nightie.  This pattern has already been remade twice (photos to come) and its not even September yet.   I'm also totally itching to buy this pattern from the new collection.

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