Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Polk A Dot Tankini

Ladies, it seems like no matter how many swimsuits we have one more would always help the situation.  In Emily's case she has several swim team style suits which are great for swim practice but not so great for a long afternoon playing at the pool.  You know the kind of afternoon where you may need to do things like go potty.  One of her two piece suits from last summer still works but the other was hurting her neck so it was time to make a new one.  I even used the same fabric as the one she out grew.  Originally, I just planned on making a new top but then I just couldn't stop thinking how this one Otto pattern would make such a cute girl bottom.
The fabric is left over from a Chez Ami remnant that I got last year.  I think it was about 1.5 yards and I could probably still get a third suit out of it.  She is still really into polk a dots so she's all about this fabric.  I also used wooly nylon in the bobbin this year and that really seems to help prevent popped stitches.
The top is based off of the tank top pattern in Sew Clothes Kids Love.  I changed the back though and made the straps using this tutorial.  The front is fully lined in swim suit lining fabric.  The bottoms are from a boy trunk pattern from Otto 2/2004.  Its also fully lined and I added clear elastic to the bottom legs.  I'm not sure if the elastic does any good or not since its not as tight as I thought it would be but they do stay put well in the pool.  The frustrating thing to me is that just like all the other boy swim patterns in Ottobre that I have there is no cup for lack of a better term so unless I figure out adding one they will not work well for my son.

The top was not quite long enough.  It looked to short when I traced it but for whatever reason I didn't add length.   The curved part of the hem would have covered her tummy but that just looked weird so I let her choose between adding a ruffle or having it come straight across.  Much to her father's dismay she picked straight across so I added elastic to the bottom of the top as well.  This has become her go to play at the pool suit.


  1. Too cute.. I love the orange polka dot.. Just perfect for summer.

  2. OH gorgeous! I jist love the colours!