Monday, July 15, 2013

Rockin the Trends

Its funny to me at least that when I was in my early 20s I was anti many trends including but not limited to capri pants. Now in my mid thirties I'm willing to just go with it a lot more.  After all trends can be fun and realistically I do not baby my clothes so most things only last through a few years of pretty consistent wash and wear.   With that in mind I present you with the high low hem chevron skirt.
I used Simplicity 1616 for the skirt.  I know I could have drafted it myself but I got the pattern when it was on sale for $1.00 and I think my time is worth more then that.  Mostly I'm pleased with the pattern.  It has a very wide fold over waistband that I have mixed feelings about at best.  I think in person its OK but it does add some bulk to the midsection that I could do without.  The shirt is old and a size too big but it looks a bit better in person too I promise.
Above in an unedited rear view I must be trusting.  I cut a 16 in the skirt bc I did not want a tight fit.  This is already one size down from my waist measurement and truth be told I could have easily gone done another size my fabric was just a bit thin and doesn't have much give so I wanted to play it a bit safe.  Speaking of the fabric it is from Girl Charlie.

So I'm not sure how many seasons I will get out of a high low hem chevron skirt but I'm still glad that I made this one.  Its cute, comfy, and a lot of fun.  As for the pattern the only change I made was adding a bit of clear elastic at the waist.  I may make one of the other views at some point but I do not plan on making this one again. 

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  1. I really like your chevron print skirt.. super cute on you..