Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sailor Dress Love

I love sailor dresses.  I don't know why but I do.  I did when I was a little girl, and I still flip for them today so when someone pinned the Goodship dress I was hooked.  I waited for a good excuse and what could be better then the birthday of my good friend's daughters.  Each year I make her girls matching dresses and of course one for Emily as well.  So what do you get when you combine an adorable pattern with 4 coordinating nautical prints?
I was pretty pleased with this pattern.  Sizing is all the way from a 2T-13/14 so there is plenty of room to grow.  It does have grain-lines which helps a lot with layout but there are no other notches.  I could have really used a notch or two to help me get the front lined up properly.  All of them turned out will but the area where the collar, ties, side panel, and front panel all come together is not quite as neat as I would like.
She does a good job of explaining how to get the bottom to look nice and lay well though.  I changed up the collar construction a bit so I could add a bit of ric-rac to the outer edge.  If I use it again the only change I would like to figure out is adjusting the seam allowances.  These dress are french seamed which is lovely but the seam allowances are tiny and I would have preferred a 1/2in so I could have just used my 1/4in foot on both sides.  I may just zigzag next time too I messed up on Abby's and had to do that and it turned out well.

 This one is Emily's.  At first she was mad bc her's wasn't pink but then she saw the big pink bow and was pleased again.  All three dresses are a combo of sizes.  Emily's is a 6 with 7/8 length, Abby's is a 7/8 with 9/10 length, and Ella's a 7/8 chest tapering to a 9/10  with 7/8 length.  The way the pattern is designed it was easy to combine sizes though it also would have been easy to add or subtract length. 
No model shots yet but all 3 dresses fit well.  If Emily wears hers to school we will put a shirt under bc the front can gap a bit and puff out though this looks pretty cute too.  As for this designer she only has one pattern at the moment but it is well done and I would consider buying more.  The front is a bit flitzy and I'm tempted to figure out adding snaps or something but it went together well and take my word for it they are to die for on.  I probably won't make another right now but I love the idea of light grey with pale pink and since the pattern will fit for a good while I don't feel rushed.

Model pics coming one of these days.


  1. I love sailor dresses too.. I bought a vintage sailor dress pattern,this past Easter, and made it for my twin granddaughters .. So cute!!
    I love that this one, doesn't have buttons down the front.. I think I will have to buy this pattern too.
    Love the fabric. so pretty.

  2. Me, too: LOVE sailor dresses of all kinds. Me, too: pinned this one the moment I first saw it. Me, too: thinking of making a sailor dress out of that out-to-sea fabric line. In fact, I don't have much of a stash, but I bought some of that navy-with-pink-ships fabric. Like Sew Blessed Maw, I recently bought a vintage sailor dress pattern, but it's only the one size: 8. If my daughter outgrows it before I make it, I may be headed for the Goodship dress. Thank you so much for the review. And your sailor dresses are AWESOME! As soon as I saw that picture in my blog reader, I had to pop over here and read the full story. We think so alike; we could be sewing sisters! (Well, except I haven't figured out how to sew for myself yet....)

  3. These are adorable! Great fabrics. I love sailor dresses, too.