Friday, July 5, 2013

Shorts Round 2

Two summers ago I really wanted to make myself some shorts.  I struggled with one Kwik Sew pattern and then had a bit of success with the Kwik Sew sailor shorts pattern but never quite fell in love.  Then last year when I wasn't allowing myself patterns Colette had the nerve to come out with the Iris pattern.  I didn't buy it then though and I'm glad I didn't.  You see I also bought a fitting course from Craftsy recently and boy has it opened my eyes to fitting and fit issues.  It took me 3 muslins to get to this point and while the pictures are not great the shorts are a dream to wear and I think they look nice in person.
I used really dark stretch denim for these and random scraps for the pockets.  Next time the pockets will be done in a matching color as mine want to peak out a bit even though there is no stress what so ever on them.  I added a bit to the front waist and waistband.  It was a bit hard on the old ego but but side seams now run straight down instead of pulling forward and if I had been a bit more careful sewing the pockets the lining wouldn't show.  They don't gape they just aren't sewn perfectly.
Sorry ladies that's all of got useable picture wise.  We had not one but two attempts that resulted in pictures of me adjusting my shirt, bending over, closing my eyes, and what not.  Neil was trying out a different camera and is not used to it just yet.  I've worn these several times now.  My only complaint is that the denim is so stretchy that they can only be worn once per washing or they get a bit too big.  I've got some other fabric for another pair so hopefully soon.  If not soon in September right?


  1. u r quite usual all u make looks very good. aunt janet

  2. Thaaaaaat's right, Scarlett, there's always tomorrow! ;)

    Cute shorts! You certainly look very happy with them!

  3. Such cute shorts..
    What fitting class from Craftsy , did you take?

    1. I got the one called Sew the Perfect Fit. It comes with a dress pattern that I will get to one of these days but I used the technique for both these shorts and my most recent skirt.