Friday, August 2, 2013

Nerdy Stitching

When I was pregnant with Elijah I spent quite a lot of time on modified bed rest.  What that means is you can recline on the couch but you best not move around unless it is necessary.  Much better then full bed rest for sure but still boring as all get out.  During this time I did a lot of cross stitching I mean really a lot not juts like one or two things but a crazy number of kits and what not.  I made one more thing for a baby shower after he was born and then I was done.  Well at least done until a few months ago.

It all started innocently enough as most things do.  Neil and I were watching Firefly again and I decided I wanted to cross stitch the theme song.  I did a search on etsy found this pattern and was good to go.
This one had quite a few half stitches, a bunch of colors, and took a bit of time but it was fun to make and is now framed and hanging in our dining room.

Now as etsy searches go I did not just find the one thing I was looking for I also found a whole bunch of things that I had no idea I was looking for like this wee little stitches shop.  I only want to make about half of her patterns.  So far I have done the princesses and the Futerama cast (they are on her blog).  I've also started the Drs Who for my dad for Christmas but will have to put it up tomorrow since he is coming to visit. 
These both still need to be framed but I'll wait and have Neil take them with the Drs.  I don't like to take things bc it makes me sad to know what framing costs so we have a deal in regards to that.  I've also decided a prefer 16ct.  The princesses are on 14 and the just seem a little too big to me.  I also like the natural fabric as it doesn't show the little spots that can come from sitting on our couch for weeks.  I soaked the girls in oxy though and they came out just fine.  I think nerdy cross stitch patterns has to be one of my favorite things about etsy.


  1. All of these look awesome -- I'm especially impressed with the sampler, not only b/c I'm biased, but because you're definitely right about the half stitches and the sheer number of colors! Nicely done! :D
    I linked to your blog on my FB page. (If you'd like to see the link, it's at -- feel free to share any photos of things you've stitched or to advertise your blog as well!)
    Happy stitching!

  2. Oh, how fun.. and what a perfect bed rest time to cross stitch.. I love cross stitching.[I haven't done any in a few years though?] I use to do it all the time. While working at the hospital [Respiratory Therepist], when I worked night shift, during some of the down time, I would cross stitch.. I too have lots of it framed in my house.. It is really expensive to have framed, but the out come is so pretty.. I just try not to breathe, when I pay for it.. ha

  3. Love them! Have you seen the one (I think on Etsy) where you send a photo of your family and the seller will custom make a cross stitch pattern for you to stitch? I haven't done cross-stitch since I was in high school, but I think I'm gonna have to do that one someday!