Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rock Paper ...

Last year I participated in a number of Sew Weekly challenges and followed all of them.  I learned a lot and was impressed by all of the women who participated.  That said one of my favorite things to watch for were the women who would make dresses out of wild and crazy prints just bc they liked them.  I mean who says a grown woman can't have a dress with playing cards, flamingos, or whatever other print she happens to like.  That lead me to purchase the David and Goliath Rock is Dead fabric that I had been eying for years.  I got 3 yards for a knit dress washed the fabric and then the same thing happened that often does.  I sat it aside and didn't get around to actually you know making the dress.  That is until now.
This was another remake.  I used Simplicity 2443 the same pattern I used to make my fake lace dress last summer.  I took these pictures on what was probably my puffiest day of the month but the fit is still pretty good.  If I do it again out of 1 way stretch fabric I will add a little to the front bodice but other then that I'm pleased.
I added a good bit to the back of this one.  It is still a racer back but doesn't cut in nearly as far as the original pattern.  It does still require a racer back bra though.
Here is a close up of the fabric.  I love the print and thickness but even with a ballpoint needle it got some tiny holes during the sewing process.  Grumble.  Oh well.  I've worn it twice and the second time someone told me my style reminded him of the ladies in Greenwich Village.  Hope it was meant as a compliment.  Regardless I'm taking it as one.  In many ways this dress fall right into my summer mom uniform of a comfy knit dress and cute shoes.  I mean what's not to love spend all day in something that feels a bit like a night gown while people tell you you look great.

Hope everyone is still considering some remakes in September.  I know I'm excited.  I'll be figuring out how to set up a linky party and would love to either have some guests post or at least be able to link to some posts on the topic of remakes so please let me know if your interested.

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