Friday, August 30, 2013

Stagger Start Day

At our school the kindergartners really have two first days.  The first week each kid goes once for their stagger start day and then the next week they actually start.  Emily's stagger day was Tuesday and she has not been happy about being stuck home with mommy ever since.   This also causes a bit of a debate regarding when to wear the special first day of school outfit.  I decided the only real solution to this problem was to have two special outfits.  Here is the first one.
I used the Oliver and S Music Class Skirt pattern and paired it with a ready to wear tee that she already had. The fabric is from an older Joann's line.  It has red smiling apples and book worms wearing glasses on a bright yellow background.  Not really our usually color pallet but we are glasses lovers around here.  I made her a size 6 with no alterations unless you count adding ric-rac to the seams.  The fit is great as in the length and as always the pattern went together beautifully.  Honestly, I think anyone who is thinking of writing patterns (I am not) should get a few Oliver and S patterns just to understand how instructions should be.
Here is the after picture.  She had a great time and is so ready.  Truth be told so am I.  I love my kids dearly and do my best to respect the choices others make with their kids but I am glad mine go to public school.

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