Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Paris Post

In some ways our trip already feels like a distant memory don't you just hate how that happens?  I still would like to do some more posts about it though mostly because people still seem shocked that we took our kids to Paris and had a great time.  So here are a few of the basic bits.

The flight was my biggest concern.  I had spent a day traveling before but never been on a flight that long.  The kids hadn't even come close.  We had been in the car for that long with my son before and it was awful.  When we booked the trip I sort of blocked the getting there and home part out of my mind but of course as it started to come closer I had to face it and make a plan.  We backed two tablets loaded with games and movies, a bunch of quite educational toys, clean clothes for everyone, and some snacks.  We also got seats on the side so that each of us could sit with one kid and have no one else right there with us.  Turns out most of what I packed we didn't need.  Each seat came with its own touch screen tv that was loaded with way more movies and games so the kids pretty much just used that.  Emily changed movies constantly but that was fine.  I also think she watched the Croods 4 times.  I was glad to have some snacks though bc neither kid ate much of their airplane dinner.  Not that I blame them it was pretty nasty.  The only hard part really was the timing of all of this.  Paris is 6 hours  ahead of the East coast so we left at about 5pm here and got there at about 6:30 am but had not really slept.  Most of us tried at some point but sleep just did not come.

Our first few hours were a bit nerve racking.  We arrived way before check in time at our apartment and the property manager was having car trouble so our untours rep had the car service take us to the cafe across the street to wait for him.  There were about 20 minutes there where I was beginning to think we had really screwed up.  It was cold, it was raining, we had all our luggage with us, and we were sitting at a cafe waiting for someone we had never met.  the food was great though and after airplane food that sure did help.  Thankfully about the time I was really starting to worry Mi-sour Eve hopped out of a taxi and took us up to our lovely apartment.

I didn't take many indoor pictures of the apartment which is too bad because it was beautiful. One of the things that puts me off to traveling in general is putting all 4 of us in one hotel room for a week or well really even a night.  Emily won't sleep unless she is running me off the bed and then Neil is to far away to easily knee in the back if  he starts snoring.  That lead us to a company called untours.  They help you a bit with trip planning, rent you an apartment, pick you up from the airport, get you settled in the neighborhood complete with groceries, take you to dinner or in our case lunch the 2nd day to see how you are doing and help you figure things out, and then when its all over they take you back to the airport.  Not a guided tour but it was great to have someone we could call for help when we needed a bit of input.  Here is a hopeful link to our apartment in Lescot.

Here are some photos of our neighborhood.
We were actually one of the first families that untours Paris had worked with which I found a bit sad.  I know not everyone can go to Europe and I'm not suggesting otherwise.  What I do want to show you thorough these posts though is that it is possible to take a family somewhere other then Disney World and have a great time.  I'm glad we decided to go and I'm glad we took the kids.  Seeing things through their eyes was one of the best parts of the entire trip.  While they caused us to speed through some things we could have spent hours at they also caused us to stop and see so many beautiful things that we could have just sped through.  Plus the insisted that we have ice cream almost every day and believe me that is a must is Paris where the ice cream is unreal.  Sadly much like the wine and cheese it may ruin your relationship with the American version.

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  1. How exciting.. and how wonderful that you went as a family, and let the kids enjoy it also.. This will be a trip that neither of them , will ever forget.
    so proud you are sharing it with us.. I am totally in awe of Paris.