Monday, September 23, 2013

Days 1 and 2

Its another Paris post.  I know you want to hear about sewing as well but I hope this is fun too.  So here's the scoop on our first two days in the city of lights and love.
As I said when we got there it was cold and raining.  Let me tell you how unprepared we were for this.  We had no umbrellas as we figured we'd buy them if we needed them and no jackets.  Let me tell you how much I was wishing for an REI and some of those great rain coats they make.  What we ended up with were umbrellas sold technically illegally in front of the Louvre.  They were complete junk but a total life saver.  We also wandered into a department store and got the kids long sleeve tops.  Neil and I just tuffed it out but boy were we glad to get into the museum.  We  had museum passes so we got to go in the shorter blue line but the metro stop under the museum was closed so we all had to stand outside in the rain.
 Once in we just sort of walked in a direction and ended up in sculptures.  They were unreal.  I mean the detail was shocking as is the shear volume of art in the Louvre.  That said we have a boy and a girl so they have a good idea of what people look like but if you were to have kids who didn't you would want to cover that before checking out the sculptures.
After that we were really tired.   The first day just sucks because of the time change so it was time for lunch. Then we went back to the apartment and wandered the neighborhood.

Day 2 started with a ride on the hop on hop off bus tour.  Both kids really liked this and it gave us a great chance to see some things that we weren't going to visit but still wanted to see.
We decided to hop off at the Arc De Triomphe.  This was a great first climb to the top as they are old windy stairs but are not nearly as bad as the ones at Notre Dame.  Plus you can see most of what you will be going to see from the top and there is a lot of space to move around up there.
Then it was off to lunch with our untours rep.  A little note we were 30 minutes late bc while the bus tour was super fun it was not fast.
Here I am eating my fish.  I did have to put the lemon over its eye while I ate it but man was it good.  This was actually the only super long french meal we took the time for.  The kids did well but 2.5 hours for lunch was pushing them pretty hard so we ate in cafes the rest of the time.  Still great food but not quite such a time commitment.

After lunch we headed up to the Luxembourg Gardens so the kids could play.
I think the big sail boat fountain was one of Elijah's favorite things.
As always Emily liked the flowers.  I will point out though parks in Paris are different then our local parks.  Part of why the grass is so green and the flowers are so pretty is bc you are not allowed on them.  This was fine and there are plenty of places you can walk but also plenty that you can't.
Emily liked the swing as well.  Again though another difference is that you have to pay a little bit to use various things like the boats, swings, play ground, cars, and the bathroom.  A friend told me to pack a change purse and I'm glad I did bc you need some single Euros at all times.
Then we headed back to the area around Notra Dame to hang out for the evening before we walked the rest of the way back to the apartment.
Part of the fun was checking out the street performers.
We also went to the place everyone seems to say has the best ice cream.  It was really that good.  We went 3 times in one week.
During our walk back we ran into a mime who was great to the kids.  Emily wasn't sure about him but Elijah played along well.
Emily bought her pink Eiffel tower from one of the book sellers along the river.
Then we realized it was late and we were all tired and hungry so we stopped that what seemed to be the equivalent of a fast food joint.  Lets just say I wish we had these little places where you could get 10 different kinds of crepes plus soda made with real juice and no hfcs.  At this point we walked/stumbled back to the apartment to put the kids to bed.  Then Neil and I stayed up for a bit to drink some wine and eat some cheese.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! And sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing all of the lovely pictures. :)