Friday, September 6, 2013

Great Vacation Pictures

I'm sure by now all of you who diligently read my blog or even stop by from time to time have noticed that while my husband and I are improving neither of us are great photographers.  We're trying I promise but in the mean time we occasionally want better pictures of our kids, our family, and well just life in general.  So about a week before we went to Paris I decided that I wanted to get some family pictures taken there.  I did a google search and none of the people or sites that popped up there ever got back with me so I hit craigs list.  There I found Lauren a lovely expat who lives in Paris with her husband and works as a photographer. We met her at the Eiffel Tower on day 3 of our trip and she took all of these lovely pics and many many more.  She was also great with the kids and new some cool spots that allowed her to get us and the tower in the same pictures which is not so easy since it is huge.  Like seriously if you haven't seen it in person its really really HUGE.

See aren't they great and there are more lots more.  This is by far my favorite memento from the trip and that is including the fabric I bought.  I'm so glad we took the time to do this and it really didn't even take that much time our session was for up to 2 hours but we had so many great pictures plus to kids that were done getting their picture taken in less time then that so we said so long and went to lunch.


  1. go figure....Craigs are great....
    and what memories......

  2. Clever you. Clearly, it was worth the effort!

  3. What a great idea! The pictures look great.

  4. What a great idea! Those pictures are so good.