Monday, September 30, 2013


LBJs as in little black jumpers.  My friend Meredith recently gave me a huge amount of fabric that she  had planned on using but hadn't.  Her only request was that I turn the 2 yards of black minky into jumpers for her 2 daughters to wear this weekend.  Her plan is really rather brilliant.  She wanted plain black jumpers so she could but different turtle necks under them for the holidays.  Her plan is to start with orange in October, then red for Christmas or maybe green, and then hot pink for Valentines day.  The challenge here for me was one I've become familiar with lately.  I needed to keep things simple and neutral.  I used the Carla C A-line pattern that I've used bunches of times over the years and got pretty black buttons for the shoulders.  
I know this is the last day in September but since I didn't get through my plans for this month or even get pictures of everything I made I'm just going to keep remaking for a while since I have such fun projects planned out.


  1. Cute jumpers.. and a great idea, for getting lots of use out of the jumpers.

    1. Makes me glad I have friends who are smarter then me.

  2. Very nice jumpers - and how fun that they are in minky!
    I agree- you're friend's idea for using the jumpers through the holidays is brilliant.