Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mermaid nightie

This was one of those great instant remakes.  Well at least instant restarts.  As soon as I finished the polk a dot version I cut this one out and began the smocking.  Then it had to spend some quality time sitting around in my sewing room before it got sewed together.  Good thing Emily found it or it might still be sitting in there.
As is my preference for sleepwear this nightie was made completely from supplies that were already in my stash.  The fabric was purchased at and end of bolt sale, the embroidery floss came out of my box, and the bias tape was left over from another project and hanging out in the trim drawer.  I used the same pattern that I did for my first official attempt at modern smocking and this one is somewhat modern too if I do say so myself.
This one is smocked on the front and back as well.  I do this partially because I enjoy smocking but also bc it makes the front and back of this nightie pretty much interchangeable.  Emily likes this feature quite a bit.
I just made us the smocking as  I went along.  I think the bottom one is my favorite but both are pretty and can work as a front or back.


  1. Really pretty! I'm impressed you put all that work into a nightie. But it is fun to have pretty nightwear, too.

  2. I think the smocking is more for me. I find handwork relaxing. Emily seems to agree regarding pretty nightwear she won't always wear cute little dresses anymore but there are her favorite nighties and see a lot of wear.