Wednesday, September 11, 2013

old and new for K

Emily had her official first day of K last week and is doing quite well as am I though it is quite an adjustment. Don't get me wrong I am finding ways to fill the time but our family schedule has completely changed from the summer and to put it nicely everyone is adjusting.

I actually started this outfit last month but didn't get it finished until almost right before school started.  With that disclaimer the dress is from a new pattern that will most likely never be used again but the shorts are from the Lil Blue Boo leggings pattern that I have used twice already and will no doubt use again.
I usually don't even bother to look through the pattern books when I go shopping during the sales.  I always have a running list of which big 4 patterns I like bc I refuse to pay full price for them when they go on sale so often.  That said during the last Simplicity sale I decided to thumb through the book and came across what at first glance looked like a modern smocking pattern.  Once I got over the initial excitement I looked more closely and discovered that no you were just supposed to do some gathering and sew sequins over the stitches but I bought it anyways.
The pattern is Simplicity 1596.  I cut a size 5 but added a good bit to the middle front panel so that I could smock it and still have it be the right width for the dress.  I did not use a smocking plate and just made up the pattern as I went a long.  This was especially necessary since I also forgot to thread one of the rows on my pleater and did not notice until it was too late.  For the nonsmockers out there too late is the moment the fabric hits the pleater unless you want to start all over again.
 Lastly, here she is in her classroom.  She was really ready for mommy to get out of her hair and let her enjoy being a big girl by this point and her face certainly shows that.
Next up some stuff for me the grown up mommy lady.  Well technically is already been sewn but has to be photographed.  Sometimes that is the hard part.  I got a new camera recently and I'm thinking of asking for a tripod and remote for Christmas so I can just do that last bit myself.  My husband is very tolerant but he does not enjoy taking the pictures of me for the blog.


  1. So cute! The dress looks lovely and hopefully she's enjoying school! :)

  2. I'm always a fan of the modern smocking! Do you mind sharing what it was you didn't like about the pattern?

    1. Oh it was fine I just don't really want to make it again since there are so many fun patterns in the world. I would have cut the neck binding a bit wider but other then that it was good. She is not the chest width for a 5 though so who knows how the sizing on this one really works. It is a decent pattern though and a cute more modern dress.