Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fabric Shopping in Paris

Before our trip I read several magazine articles about fabric shopping in Paris and my husband located some of the stores that interested me the most on the map.  Once we were there it became clear that there was no way we were going to make it to everything we had planned and I began to say it wasn't necessary to go fabric shopping.  I mean talk about an activity that only one family member would enjoy right?  Thankfully he insisted that we go check out the garment district that is at the base of Sacre-Coeur and encouraged me to buy a few things.  Honestly, the experience was so overwhelming that I really had trouble making any decisions.  Most of the fabric stores in this area sold coupons better known in these parts as remnants.
This was the first piece that I picked out.  It is 3 meters of soft knit fabric.  I want to make myself a dress of some sort.  Any suggestions are more then welcome.  I have a few ideas but whatever I do will likely get a test run first even though this fabric was pretty cheap.
There are several stores in this same area that sell by the meter.  One of those was Tissus Reine. Talk about some great stuff but the most exciting thing for me were the 2 full tables of  Liberty of London fabric.  Now as you know Liberty fabric is not cheap so I was going to limit myself to 1 meter I ended up not being able to choose between these two so I got 1 meter of each.  I plan to make an infinity scarf out of the blue.  I'm thinking of doing one of those tops with the woven fluffy back with the other but again I will have to practice first.

This there was this one.  I saw it in the same shop as the first piece I shared but it is real silk.  OMG it is so unreal.  Its only 1.5 meters so I have no idea what to do with it but I'll figure something out.  There were two of them and if I had it to do over I would get both but I was starting to feel bad about buying so much fabric.  Remember we were at the end of a pretty pricey trip at this point.

This one is from the same shop as the silk.  It was in a huge pile of velvet all of which were yummy.  I'm probably making myself a skirt out of it though I'm not totally sure.
This one was in a bit outside one of the stores.  Its 3 meters and it was super cheap but feels rather nice and its a nifty print.  Not sure what to make it into either.  Again probably a knit dress since there is so much of it but we'll have to see.

Here is the store where most of my fabric came from.  It was pretty much just a huge pile of fabric.
Here is the inside.  Though some of it was not nearly this organized.
We did finally make it up the hill as well.
Then we hopped on the metro and went to check out some upscale shop windows and world famous treats.  One of the big things we learned on this trip was it really doesn't matter so much how close things are to one and other what matters is if they are on the same metro line.

So seriously let's here some pattern suggestions.  I have a few here that I'm thinking of and a few more pinned but I always love extra ideas.

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