Friday, October 18, 2013

Guess Who's 6

Truth time.  I didn't actually plan a birthday outfit for Emily this year.  I sort of meant to but her birthday kept getting closer and closer but I never actually got around to planning and making something specific.  Good thing its the time of year when I end up making her lots of new clothes since the season is changing and she has outgrown most of her things from last year.
The shirt she is wearing was from a souvenir shop in Paris but I made her this skirt.  Yes, its another one of the things I planned out in September but didn't get started or finished until October.  Its the Insa skirt from Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  I thought that I was using the next size up but I think I may have overestimated a bit.  Oh well it will fit her for a while and she does not mind.
I had the pink fabric and polk a dot ribbon on hand.  I had to buy the fun underskirt print and the print bias tape though.
The Eiffel Tower stencil is from the Silhouette store and I used black sparkle paint to make it even more fun.  She was super pleased and had a great day.  I stenciled a long sleeve shirt to go with the skirt as well but it wasn't long sleeve weather on Wednesday so oh well. 

I've made this skirt a bunch of times now and it never disappoints us.  I'm sure she will grow out of this look one day but I'll be making these cute skirts until she does.  Added bonus I'll probably be using these same tracings for a year or two.  If you want to see an earlier version click here.


  1. Happy Birthday Emily.. Your skirt looks beautiful on you.. and I know it reminds you, of your fun trip to Paris..
    Love the Insa skirt.. I have made it lots of times for my granddaughters too..[Love that book, it has so many good patterns in it.]

  2. Happy Birthday!
    The Eiffel Tower skirt is so fun.