Friday, October 4, 2013

How He still Rolls

I know you don't see much of my son around here and there are many reasons for that but here is the sad thing.  He loves it when I make him things.  The problem of course we all know is finding fabric and patterns for things that he will actually wear.  The Imke hoodie from Sewing Clothes Kids Love fits the bill though.  It nice and simple but a great pattern for when I want to use a cute print but make something that does not look like a pj top.  
This was one of the remakes that didn't quite make it to the blog by the end of September but I have actually made this exact hoodie once before.  Sadly it is both worn out and too small so it was time for a new one.  The print is David and Goliath "This is how I roll" and the brown is a heavier Chez Ami knit that has been hanging out in my stash forever.
The only change I made to the pattern was adding the front pocket.  I also had to add length to the sleeves and body of the largest size.  The sleeves came out a bit long but he really prefers them like that so I guess that counts as a win.
He liked it so much that I have another one cut out using different fabrics of course.  Emily is pouting in this picture because I had the sheer audacity to say she didn't need to be in the pictures.  


  1. I love it! The hoodie is perfect and the fabric is so cool. Great job!

    I have the same type of kiddos. T loves me making him things but I can't keep up with "middle school cool" and K tires of picture taking until her brother gets attention :P

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in this situation. I so wish it were easier to find knits for bigger boys he'd love a whole wardrobe of fun hoodies.