Monday, October 7, 2013

Paris Day 3

So I don't have nearly as many pictures from this day bc we spent most of the morning riding around the bus tour again and getting our professional photos taken.  It was a great day  though we enjoyed both of those things and did a bit of other fun stuff.  I'll go ahead and tell you now though we also did our boat tour that afternoon and while it might be fun sometimes it was not fun in the summer sun so I'd give that a pass and do a dinner cruise if I were planning again.

The kids had a great time checking out the area around the Eiffel Tower including holding the baby bunnies.
 We also thought it was totally cool that this is what the snack bar looked like.  Yes you could also get some great cotton candy and ice cream but seriously doesn't this look yummy and like something you would not see in the states.
Here we are waiting in line for Notre Dame.  This is the type of photo that makes we so glad we hired a professional to get some really good ones.
Here we are part way up.
Here are the stairs to the top.  these steps were really no joke and Emily was starting to get very tired.  Thankfully she made it though bc I do not think either of us could have carried her safely.
This is the view from the top.  It was great and totally worth the steps.  That said the next day my legs did not even like climbing up out of the metro stations.
We were up there right at dusk.
Here is a shot looking straight up at the top where we were.  Notre Dame was one of my favorite parts I think partly bc we saw it a lot since we were close but there was also something unreal about it in person.


  1. such beautiful scenery. Nothing like what we have here in the states. I would have eaten all those apples and bananas :D YUM!! And you are right; it is so hard to find that here in the US.

    1. It was sort of like that everywhere and I really think everything tasted better. I wish we had more healthy options out and about here.