Wednesday, October 9, 2013


On day 4 we decided to take the train up to Versailles now let me begin by saying that I'm pretty sure going on a Saturday in August was a terrible idea but let me be clear that it was truly bad at the start.  We got there and even with our passes to skip the ticket line the line to get in was quite possibly the longest line I had ever seen.  This line put the Disney lines to shame and I mean the Disney over Christmas break lines.  Then once we got in it was so crowded you could not move or really see much so I was not in a great mood to begin with.  I also think that as an adult the complete access was hard to stomach.  We did take some pictures though and things did get better.
Here are the kids on the inside of the gate.
Neil and I have both take lots of math so we needed a picture of Lhopital.
Here are 2 hungry and cranky kids in the hall of mirrors.
At this point we were all so hungry and tired of crowds we almost hugged the lady when she said there was a table for 4 in the sit down restaurant with just a 5 minute wait.  Yes it was overpriced but it was very pretty, the food was good, and we were ready to eat.
Now while we were inside we kept looking out at the gardens and thinking gee I wish we were out there so right after lunch we went to the gardens.  You do have to pay extra for this but it was totally worth the money.  Honestly, if we had it to do over we would have just gone to the gardens and called it a day.
We didn't even come close to finishing the gardens because we were totally worn out from our morning and early afternoon of standing in line and shoving our way through the indoors but man were they cool.
Emily had to climb up and pretend to be a statue .
We ended the day eating crepes on the bleachers in front of Notre Dame.

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  1. Wow..what an eventful day.. But such pretty sights..
    love Emily in the statue photo.. such a cute dress.