Friday, November 1, 2013

Emily's Party

Not a whole lot of sewing going on around here lately.  I've been knitting some, running a lot (I'm a certified coach now), making things on the rainbow loom (turns out my kids like the stuff not the process), and then I tripped while I was running today and skinned both hands plus one elbow.  Anyways all is well and I do have one or two things coming but in the meantime I thought some of you might like to see I pic from Emily's party.
She had it at Art Buzz Kids which is really Wine and Design but no wine at kids parties.  It was really fun.  They all painted super bunny since Emily is a big fan of bunnies. 


  1. What a fun party..Know Emily enjoyed this..
    Sorry you fell.. Nothing hurts worse than skinned knees and elbows.eeeh..
    Feel better soon.. And happy sewing--- when you get a chance..

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