Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kitty, Minion, with a side of Dragonasaurs

I know this flies in the face of much of the sewing community but I don't love making Halloween costumes.  I'd so much rather make actual clothes any day of the week and with my sewing time somehow dwindling these days my feelings regarding this have only gotten stronger.  I did end up making one costume this year though.  Emily decided she wanted to be a kitty and all it took was a google search for me to realize that any kitty costume I was going to be willing to put my daughter in would have to be made by me.
Yeah that's right I wanted something nice and old school that zipped up the front.  I had Simplicity 2885 uncut in my stash.  My mom and I are not sure which one of us is responsible for this copy but we do know that she made it twice previously.  Once for my and once for my brother.  This was a new uncut copy though so who knows where it came from.  I made her a small bc that was the smallest size on the piece I opened first.  The xs probably would have been better but oh well.  I didn't make the head piece or tail since we found the ears, nose, tail, and bow tie combo kit on sale for 5 dollars.  Emily picked the lovely pink and black fabric.  Its even better in person bc it is soft and has shiny dots all over.
Elijah wanted to be a Minion.  I had every intention of just buying his but I couldn't find one in stock anywhere so we ended up putting it together.  The hoodie is from a consignment shop, the overalls are from amazon (and be still my heart they are a adult small), the goggles are welder's goggles also from amazon, and the black gloves are the super cheap ones.  He only dressed up to go to trunk or treat at my husbands office.
Since her big brother was passing out candy on Halloween Emily decided to go trick or treating with her little neighbor friend.  We all decided he was a dragonasaurus since he was sure he was a dino but his costume had dragon wings.

So there you have it another year down.  They are already planning for next year but I won't be taking anyone seriously until about October 1st.  With any luck they will both want something that can be purchased or maybe not this one was pretty fun to make.


  1. Adorable..

    I so agree with you on making costumes. I had rather spend my time, on sewing things that are worn everyday..

  2. So glad I'm not alone on this one. To be fair I think the super fancy costumes people make a great I just don't care to put in the effort there.

  3. ditto to all :) I just don't enjoy the "making something for one day" thing. Plus, I don't have the effort in me