Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mama Needs a new Shirt.

My love affair with Jalie 3245 lives on.  If I'm being honest this pattern does not always photograph well since it is loose at the bottom but I love wearing it so here is another version.
My initial plan for this one was to paint gray fabric to create matallic fabric with plain arms but this just did not look good.  I ended up saving the arms since I hadn't painted them and picking up some gray on gray high quality chevron knit.  The grays don't match perfectly but I think that adds a bit to its charm so I went ahead and used pink fold over elastic for the neck.
My husband wanted a picture with the leaves in the background so here I am laying in wet leaves.  Oh well.  The skirt is the Vogue 1247 from the pattern that I put all the fitting effort into.  Boy was that worth the effort.  I've got another one almost finished so stay tuned.

 As for the fit of the shirt I may bring it in a bit more at the waist next time but I'm torn.  I think its a bit loose but I tend to prefer body skimming to body hugging so we shall see.


  1. I love your shirt.. Looks great on you.. and comfy too. So totally agree. I prefer body skimming to body hugging..
    Love the chevron fabric.