Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ramona wears slacks.

Emily and I have been reading the Ramona books.  Some days I'm not sure if this is the best idea as Emily identifies a little too well with Ramona but I loved them as a kid and am enjoying sharing them with her.  An interesting side effect of reading Ramona is that Ramona mostly wears slacks or as we would say these days pants.  This combined with my unwavering rule that people who go to school must wear leggings or playground shorts under skirts and Emily has really warmed up to wearing pants.  Once or twice she has even chosen to skip the skirt and just wear a shirt and leggings.  That meant these cute little monkey pants were finished just in time.
These are the Dorje pants from Sewing Clothes Kids Love and yes they two were conceived during September, started in October, and finished in November.  I made a few of these way back when I got the book and had forgotten how much effort these little pants take.  I'm pleased with the results though.
The fabric is a cord with hearts and monkeys that I picked up on clearance this summer.  The trim is from the apparently soon to be closed Patsy Aiken outlet (sob).
They are a bit big but we all know she is going to be taller by the end of winter.  They are also looser then she is used to but I think that is just the style of the pants.  We are so used to skinny jeans these days that wider boot cut pants stand out.  She seems to like them though so I'm calling it a win with the added bonus that they match a shirt she already had.


  1. Cute pants! I have the book, but I've only ever made the Feliz and the leggings. I should really try some of the other things....

    Did you happen to see the Oliver + S blog yesterday? My Halloween costumes were featured!! (and I'm totally over-the-moon about it!)