Friday, November 29, 2013


As I mentioned I've been bitten by the knitting bug lately.  On a recent shopping trip with Emily we stumbled upon the bargain yarn bin and she picked out a super soft pink, white, and purple variegated yarn.  Of course being the bargain bin there was only one skein but she really liked it and I figured I'd make a cute hat or maybe some legwarmers.  To my surprise when I asked my little daughter who is always bare foot she said she wanted socks. 

me "Why?"
her "I want something you can make fast."
me "What about a hat?"
her "No socks"
me "What about legwarmers? Do you know what legwarmers are?"
her "No socks"
me "I could make those things faster then socks."
her "socks"

Then I gave up and made socks.
Here are the socks on here feet.
I'm pretty sure this is the last time she had them on her feet.  By the time I got back from putting the camera up she had taken them off.  Oh well at least they were fun to make and if you look in the background there is a little preview of an almost finished project.


  1. I laughed when I read this.. Such memories.. Yep...those kiddos know "exactly what they want" And all our hints to other things...doesn't interest.ha
    Love the socks..

    1. Yeah I really should learn that its not worth suggesting if her mind is made up.