Friday, November 22, 2013

Trying Some Lace

I've knitted or at least tried to knit on and off for years.  I think I was most prolific when I was pregnant with Emily and wanted nothing more then cute little baby pants with matching hats.  I've been enjoying knitting quite a lot again lately.  I think there are a few reasons for this.  As Emily is getting older she is less into frilly smocked dresses for everyday, she also seems to like for me to be in the room with her if she is home even though she seems to want to play on her own after school, and lets face it some of the sewing bloggers out there knit beautiful sweater.  So taking all of that I decided it was time for a craftsy course to make sure I was doing things correctly.  I selected the knit lab class and made the scarf.
The class was pretty basic but I knew that going in and while it didn't cover anything I couldn't have found on youtube I like the scarf and learned some now things.
Mostly I'm glad I made this because it was a great intro to lacework which as it turns out I love.  Not sure if I'll buy anymore craftsy knitting classes for a bit though.  I've been doing just fine with Ravelry and youtube but I do have my eye on a few so we will see.  As for the scarf it turned out well and keeps my neck warm now that I cut my hair off.


  1. Very cute scarf! I've signed up for a couple of craftsy classes but have yet to complete one. :-/ Have to get some other projects done first!

    1. Don't feel bad I have I think 3 maybe 4 that I've started watching but am no where near finished with.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a bunch. I'm loving navy this season.