Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goal Rundown

I think the biggest statement I made regarding sewing goals for 2013 was to just sew what I wanted rather then participating in a lot of challenges and what not.  In that I was quite successful and plan to stick with that for 2014 and beyond.  Not that I won't be doing a few sewalongs or contests but don't expect me to do all of the challenges for any one blog. 

On that note here were the goals I listed at the start of 2013
  • Sew all of the projects for my sewing with knits craftsy class. All really as in all?  Oh wait I thought that said for all my craftsy classes just the knits one I did.  Honestly though I've only kept one of the pieces I made from this class in my wardrobe so I really don't think the class was worth the money.  Oh well live and learn.
  • Use the jeans craftsy class to recreate my beloved grey cords and hopefully develop a TNT pants pattern. Um does that say watch a few of the videos.  No well then nope didn't do this one.  I do still want to and hopefully I will in 2014 though if I'm being honest finding 2 styles of jeans that fit me well at Old Navy has really decreased my motivation on this one.
  • Sew all 5 unused Oliver and S patterns in my stash two of which I got from Santa this year.  They are badminton, book report, croquet, apple -picking, and school photoMostly done.  School Photo will be my sewalong contribution for the first Project Run and Play Challenge.  That just leaves Apple Picking and while I do love the pattern Emily currently does not so its on the back burning hoping that she changes her mind.
  • Make some summer separates for Emily similar to the winter SWAP. Sort of.  She was really into graphic tees this summer so I made a lot of bottoms that could work with any of these tops.  Truth be told though now that she is in school I prefer hanging her clothes as complete outfits to eliminate some of the morning arguments.
  • Find or develop TNT patterns for shorts, tee shirt, and pants. Effort was made on this front but we are not there yet.  I do still have hope though.
  • Sew the Colette Parfait for myself.  I made it to the muslin stage several years ago but didn't know how to alter it to fit.  Now I think I could figure it out but it will be a bit of a project. I unfolded the pattern and looked at it does that count.  As much as I like a lot of the Colette patterns they just don't fit me without a lot of effort.  I do like this one though so maybe this summer.  I'm thinking of doing the top part of the dress but with a gathered skirt.
  • Use some of my fun woven dress patterns with some of my fabric stash even if I don't need them.  Including the vintage dress pattern that I simply had to buy last year. I made the one I had to have and don't really like the way it looks on me.  The others not so much.  Oh well.
  • Make Emily's Easter dress.  Yes but as it turns out she still loves her heirloom one the best.
  • Make at least one complete project from the Alabama Studio Design book that my husband got me for Christmas.  I looked through the book a lot.  I also used the skirt pattern to make a print maxi but I didn't actually do the full on project.  I still want to though so maybe next year.
  • Sew the Manhattan Frock from Sewing Clothes Kids Love. No excuse just didn't get to this.
  • Have fun sewing and creating things that I enjoy.  Yes without a doubt.  I think I've come to terms with the fact that I sew for fun so it should be fun.  If I don't feel likes sewing one day I don't sew.  I've been really busy lately and that doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon but I'm sure I'll still find time to sew in 2014.  On that note I will post some 2014 goals at the beginning of January.

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