Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hats, hats, hats

Lately I'm really loving knitting.  I think its because of the "I'm not sitting around watching bad daytime TV I'm knitting" factor.  I also like that it can be done in tiny bits of time which see to be what I've had the most of lately.  I'm working on a sweater at the moment but before I got the confidence to give that I go I made several hats.
This one is the Lucky 7 hat from Ravelry.  It was fun to play with the tighter twisted cables on this one.  It was only my second time working with cables and I have to say they are way easier then I ever thought they would be.  At least with the help of youtube.

This one was supposed to be for Emily but I got off a bit on the lace pattern and I think that is what made it bigger then intended.  It works for me though.  Its the Foliage pattern originally from knitty but the link takes you to ravelry.

This is Hermione's Cable and Eyelet Hat it was my first attempt at using a cable needle and it went together beautifully.  I actually made one for myself too using a size larger needle and adding a bit of length but sadly it has gone missing.  Emily is pleased with this one though.


  1. So cute... Emily looks happy /cute with her new hat..doesn't look too big.
    And love the green hat for your son.. so cute.

  2. Thanks. I love the one she is wearing on her. The one I'm wearing almost covers my eyes but I really like it for when my hair is wet and I don't have time to dry it.